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Artsy Face Shields, Your Fashionable Headwear/Mask

peacock face shield mask

Well my friends, as I was looking into a new mask supplier and I came across this fabric face shield (sport sleeves) manufacturer, so I decided to create some designs.

My husband uses one of these instead of a traditional mask. They are produced in Vegas, and people use them to protect themselves from dust, pollen, and sun.

They are not designed for COVID-19, but you can wear them to prevent you from spreading a virus. They are comparable to simple fabric masks as they don’t have a filter.

So, if you are using a simple mask, this can be a good substitute that is versatile and can be used in the future for many other purposes.

I have ordered my first batch, and I am super excited to get them! I expect them to arrive in a couple of weeks.

If you want to get yours soon, I can place a direct order from my manufacturer and shipped directly to you. Production time is 5-10 business days.

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