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9 Muses Exhibit

It is not every day that an artist like me gets to be curated into a museum show. I don’t go out applying for all that many competitions but I was actually approached by the curator after she saw my instagram account, so I applied.

The show is based on art inspired by the 9 Muses from Mythology and considering I didn’t have time to actually paint for the show, I decided to enter with one of my living muses, part of my Like a Girl Project.

And I got juried in! I am so proud of Janet, my muse, for she is truly an inspiration and I think she is so strong and fit to be showing at a museum! I feel honored to have my art selected for this beautiful show.

I am only sorry I couldn’t make it to the reception due to distance, but they were kind enough to send me photos. They had about 200 people coming through during the 2 hours of the reception, a great turn around.

Also, there is a people’s choice award and you can vote (hopefully for me) here.

The exhibition will run from October 18th to December 1st, 2019. Visit the museum website for more information.

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SAUDADE – September featured show

Fer Caggiano with Cocar Painting

Featured show by Brazilian artist Fer Caggiano
Location: Lowcountry Artists Gallery, 148 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC
When: September 1-30, 2019
Reception: September 13th, 5-8pm

10% of profits are being donated to a reforestation project in Brazil

Saudade is a show inspired by the artist’s home country: Brazil. For this show, Fer has decided to share the beauty of Brazil in all its bold colors and vibrant energy. The art will be displayed the entire month of September at the Lowcountry Artists Gallery.

The word “Saudade” is a unique Portuguese word with no direct translation in any other language. In Portuguese, it’s translated as the feeling of missing or longing for something one is fond of.

The reception was held last Friday, with a week delay due to hurricane Dorian. Enjoy some photos:

Fer Caggiano has been a resident of the Lowcountry for over 2 years, exploring the local scenery as a main source of inspiration.

Contact Fer Caggiano at or 843-743-1436.

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Town Hall Art Program Aug-Dec 2019

Once again I have been selected by the Mount Pleasant Culture, Arts & Pride Commission to have my art displayed at the Town Hall.

Fer and Mayor Will Haynie

The reception was held on August 22nd with Mayor Haynie. All artists got to take photos with him and feel like a celebrity for some moments of fame. Being this the 4th time I participate in the program, I can say I feel pretty welcome and it was fun to see Mr. Mayor and be received by a warm hug and a “we know you” joke.

I told them I was going to claim the first-floor wall as a permanent display and after some good laugh Nicole Harvey (the special events manager) said this time I was sent to the third floor instead. After all, it is a rotation of art and artists.

I am truly grateful and honored to have been so well received in my new home town. All these achievements mean SO much to me, as an artist, as a newcomer, as a foreigner.

Bless your heart 😉

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My Speech at the City Gallery

Dear friends, when I attended the “talk with the juror” at the City Gallery, I thought we would hear the amazing Arianne King tell us about the art on display. After a brief introduction, she actually invited the present artists to talk about the work.

We walked around the gallery and listened to some very cool and insightful stories. When it got to my turn (I was one of the last) I was a bit uncomfortable, thinking that people would misinterpret my piece and I certainly didn’t mean to be rude. To my surprise, when I explained the story behind it, I even had the crowd laughing!

After the talk, some people approached me and mentioned how they were looking forward to hearing what I had to say about my art. It was very nice!

Thank you all for the support.

I am always happy to hear from you so DO leave a comment!

Feminist Art
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MelLowcountry Show

MellowCountry Art Reception

This month I am the featured artist at the Lowcountry Artists Gallery, showcasing my latest collection: MelLowcountry – A change of pace for artist Fer Caggiano. The reception was held on Friday the 6th and it had a lot of traffic and sales. The show got the attention of The Post and Courier and I was mentioned in an article with one of my paintings as the featured image. If you missed the reception, don’t worry! The show is up until the end of the month. Be sure to make your way to the gallery and enjoy the lovely French Quarter District.

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Brazilian Talents Pop Up Show

Brazilian Talents Art Reception

Brazilian Talents

Pop-Up Show at The Healing Gallery

June 16th

Brazilian Talents

What an awesome showcase of Brazilian Talents at The Healing Gallery in the heart of our beloved Charleston! I had the pleasure of showing my work alongside the photography of Getty represented photographer Daniela Duncan and a collection of handcrafted Brazilian Golden Grass jewelry presented by Vanessa Mendes.

If you have Brazilian friends, you know we love a good party and we are known to be generous hosts.  As you walked into the venue, you were welcomed by a large table of Brazilian delicacies. There was also caipirinha and batida de côco served, some of our classic drinks!

The evening was fun with the atmosphere of a genuine Brazilian gathering. A great crowd came to our venue and I feel truly blessed to have been invited to show in such a lovely and cozy gallery.

The owner loved the work so much that she has asked us to extend the viewing for a full month. So, if you missed the party, you can at least still go see and buy the work in the coming weeks.

The Healing Gallery is located at: 56 1/2 Queen St.
29401 Charleston, South Carolina Get Directions (843) 637-3237  

Pictures by amazing photographer J.R. Getches

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Vision is Art

I am currently exhibiting 4 pieces at the Carolina Eyecare Physicians building in Mount Pleasant in benefit of the Vision is Art program.

“Vision Is Art” is a collaboration between local visual artists and Operation Sight. A percentage of the proceeds of all art sold is donated to the foundation. Operation Sight is a nonprofit, community-integrated program whose mission is to restore vision and improve the lives of qualified, uninsured/underinsured South Carolina residents suffering from cataracts by providing cataract surgery to these individuals at no cost.

We had a really nice reception held on March 21st for our opening evening. The show stays up for 6 months so there is plenty of time to go check it out and purchase an exclusive piece of art while contributing to an honorable cause. I strongly recommend going sooner then later so you can have a better chance of acquiring the piece you love most.

art admires
show hanging
Vision is Art
full wall display
Vision is Art Team
artists at show
Fer Caggiano and Marcela Ruiz
Vision is Art Team
art reception
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Mount Pleasant Art Fest Award 2018

Late last year I joined both the Mount Pleasant Artist Guild and the Charleston Artist Guild, but only recently I’ve been able to get involved with some of the meetings and activities.

On March 10th, the MPAG set up a nice exhibit at the 22nd Annual Mount Pleasant Art Fest. We had over 80 paintings, between oils, pastels and watercolors. The show looked really nice, with lots of people coming through during the event. Also, there was a jury and I was awarded second place on this show! It was a surprise to me and I could not have asked for a better debut in a show with the Guild.

I am so grateful to all of you for your support. Being an artist is only possible because of you. Thank you for all the compliments, for sharing my posts, spreading the word, and of course, a BIG special thanks to my collectors. I feel truly blessed.

Judge’s comment: “Love the Van Gogh -like Quality and-the Palette is Satisfying and Vibrant.” – Robert Lange

Shem Creek awarded painting
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Mount Pleasant Town Hall

Mayor's Office Art Program

I am thrilled to share that my work has been selected to be featured at the Mount Pleasant Mayor’s Office for 3 months. It was an absolute pleasure meeting Mayor Will Haynie and Nicole Harvey, the special events manager.

They wrote a very sweet press release, that you can read in full on their website.

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (March 2, 2018) – Local artist Fer Caggiano’s Laurel Hill Ave of Oaks was recently installed in the Mount Pleasant Mayor’s office as part of the Culture, Arts & Pride Commission Mayor’s Office Art Program, which aims to promote awareness of local artists and cultivate community pride.

Laurel Hill Ave of Oaks is a peaceful impasto oil on canvas that features a beautiful pathway shaded by a canopy of majestic oak trees. If you have not yet visited Laurel Hill County Park, this painting will likely inspire you to go exploring!

“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Fer and am honored to have her beautiful art hanging in my office,” said Mayor Will Haynie. “It is wonderful to share her talent with everyone who visits my office.”

For an immigrant like myself, receiving such an honorable prize means a lot! I feel like this is a huge step into being accepted in my local community. Those who have followed my work since the beginning of my career, know that I have a very extensive resume and a long list of exhibitions and collectors worldwide. Part of it is due to the fact that I have moved a lot. In spite of that, every time I move it’s like I have to start all over again. To gain recognition in the local community is a huge deal. I feel like this is the first major door that has opened up for me, as an artist, since I moved to SC just over 1 year ago.

They even made a cute plaque that I hope to take home once the showing period is done! 😀

Fer Caggiano at MP Mayor's Office

This painting is inspired by this “hidden gem” in Park West, the subdivision I live at. Not many people are aware we have such a lovely park with amazing trails. I remember when I first came across this majestic avenue of Oaks, I literally sat down and cried in awe. I feel extremely blessed to live here.

Thank you, Jay, my proud husband, for “dragging me” away from Sao Paulo and being supportive of my dreams.

Jay and Fer at the Mayor's Office