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Food for Though during the COVID-19 outbreak

Costal Sunset Art

Just my humble artist, mom, wife, small business observation

First time I heard of the outbreak I was reluctant to believe in the seriousness of it. My first thought was “how does it compare to previous outbreaks like SARS, Influenza, etc.?” Soon enough everything was being shut down, the world came to a full stop and we are all waiting for a miracle to happen.

What if THIS was the miracle we were waiting for?

Wait, what? Let me explain.

Change doesn’t happen without effort. And let’s face it, the world has been screaming for change in so many aspects!

A real clear realization we all can agree with: the planet does MUCH better without humans interference. Our Mother Earth has been dealing with us, spoiled children, for so long… we take, take, take until there is nothing left. The resources to keep humans here are very costly and it is clear to see that as soon as we stop harming, our beautiful mother has been able to recover immensely. We kept saying how we couldn’t stop the economy or driving our cars, using plastic bags, etc. to give the planet time to heal. Well, the decision was made for us.

Yes, we can do differently. So how about we start now?

This brings us to the economy. I am no economist and I have no understanding of how such a fragile system has been rolling for so long. But I can tell it is not working for everyone. I live in the USA and even though my business has taken a toll, we are still pretty safe. There are so many measures being taken that I know we will be ok. However, I am originally from Brazil and I am very worried about people in countries like that. I doubt the government will be of any help, but I do believe in the people and I can see them getting through by helping each other. I don’t see money being the solution, only action. People will share food and essential goods. Perhaps it is time to rethink the economy. The collaborative economy was just emerging, and my guess is that we will be moving in that direction.

My final observation has to do with belief. I am not talking about religion or faith; I am talking about believes in what truly matters and in what we should put our focus on. When we are all under a lockdown it is much easier to clear our minds to what is truly important. What are the core values in your life? We all need the basics to survive, such as food, shelter, and water. However, humans don’t survive on essentials only, we need emotional fulfillment, we have the urge to create a legacy. We suddenly realize who are the people that matter in our lives and that social distancing can be one of the hardest things for us to implement.

This pandemic brings a huge reflection to us all. Individual action will affect everyone else. The invisible spread has turned the butterfly effect visible. One person not knowing they were sick, traveling to a place that was virus-free, suddenly gets a whole new group sick. To stop the pandemic, we are forced to think of each other, to realize how connected we are. The virus respects no border, our connection has no borders. We are ONE. It is time to act like it.

What are you doing to make things better? We all have a part to play. Even if your part is simply staying home. The body needs all organs to function properly. If we realize we are one body, I am sure the world will be healthy again sooner than later.

Peacock Silk Scarf
Peacock Silk Scarf – photo taken by my 6-year-old

Personal Experience

Unlike most people, I am actually pretty isolated most of the time. I work from home and I have been self-employed for about 20 years now. I enjoy the silence and I love what I do. If I could, I’d work 24/7.

I believe everyone has something to learn during this crises, and for me, it has been mostly allowing the family to come first. Homeschooling has been really hard for me. Instead of studio time, I now spend most of my day helping my 6-year-old get by his studies, taking him outside to bike rides and making sure I can minimize the effects of isolation on him.

My husband is now also working from home and we have Bella every second week. My quiet environment is now very busy, and I am struggling not having my alone time.

I could take the easy choice and leave Cauê on his iPad while I go downstairs to work, but I understand that he needs support now more then I need to work.

So, while I seat with my son for his homework to get done, I have been creating coloring pages that I’ve made available for free download on my website. Art may not be considered essential, but I honestly believe it is. Art is helping people get through this. People are turning to books, music, movies and craft projects. Art keeps us sane. Art feeds our soul.

Be safe everyone! Love one another. Offer help if it is within your reach.

We are one. We are stronger together.

Much Love,


Pillows to Snuggle

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Sip & Color Online Fun Class

Sip And Color Class

After much success with my free downloadable coloring pages, I have decided to offer an online coloring class.

Maybe we should call it a social meeting instead? After all, there is no right way to color a drawing. I will be here to give you ideas, answer questions, and have a good time with you while we enjoy coloring #togethernottogether
We choose a few pages, each person prints their own, grab your glass of wine (or any beverage of your preference), your pencils and join me on Zoom.


Saturdays, 4:30 pm (Eastern Time)
Minimum donation suggestion of $10

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8 Scarves Everyone Will Love

Peacock Silk Scarf

Last year I was approached by a company to represent my art on a clothesline. I loved the idea but I didn’t like the contract to which I had to sign exclusive copyright. That was when I decided to create my own collection and these scarves are my favorites!

I started my collection with my top seller image: Rainbow Row, Rainbow Sky. The original is long gone but I sell lots of prints and products based on it. The scarves arrived very close to Christmas when most people had already done their holiday shopping and yet, I sold a lot of them.

Rainbow Row Scarf

I have created some variations, including the Infinity Eco Scarf, and a cotton scarf but my favorite is the Modal.

Almost a year after I painted the first Rainbow Row piece, I decided to create a night version and that has become the new favorite. Of course, I have already created a whole line of products with this image and this scarf has made it to the best sellers in my shop.

Rainbow Row at Night Scarf

Modal is an amazing fabric! I love it!

The first modal was created in Japan in 1951 and has been improved over time. Modal is the third generation with micro-modal (lyocell) being the fourth.

Modal is incredibly luxurious, lightweight and silky smooth. It breathes, absorbs water, is shrink resistant and holds dyes well so your scarf is unlikely to fade. It is soft and warm and a quality modal will not pill easily.

Modal is a wood pulp fiber, technically known as “Regenerated cellulose fiber”. These types of fabrics are not new, in fact, the first cellulose fiber was developed in 1855 and is called rayon. The next generation is called viscose.

Angel Oak Tree Shawl

I realized people love having their local favorite location as wearable art and with that thought I created the Angel Oak Tree Shawl. I love the idea that you are embraced by this ancient tree when you put your shawl on.

Angel Oak Tree Scarf

Besides the shawl, you have the scarf option. Same fabric, different size.

Peacock Silk Scarf

After I got into the scarves, I kept envisioning a peacock. I mean, who doesn’t love the colors of the peacock? And considering my art is all about colors, I figured I should work on this idea. The peacock turned out to become a really great piece and I immediately created a full product line for it. As for scarves, I have 4 options with this image. Silk Scarf, Silk Shawl, Modal Scarf, Modal Shawl.

Peacock Modal Shawl
Peacock Modal Scarf
Peacock Modal Shawl

I am absolutely IN LOVE with my collection and I am proud to say I always get many compliments whenever I am wearing one of my products. They are not only a great versatile and colorful item to cheer your look, but they also make an awesome gift.

I hold a small inventory of this collection so if you want it, order yours now! When I get low on inventory I will have more done, but the process takes about a month.

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Commitment to the Environment and the Community

Jaguar Glass Cutting Board

One of my biggest concerns, ever since I was a kid, has been into helping preserve Nature.

I remember hand drawing posters about recycling and riding my tricycle around my parents’ neighborhood, fixing the signs to lamp posts in an effort to bring awareness to the theme. Of course, I had no idea I was contradicting wasting so much paper on the same matter.

That is to say, we don’t always get it right but I will keep doing my best, in whatever area I have control and awareness of.

Every series I create helps me support a worthy cause. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are also helping when you buy from me.

The “Saudade” series, for instance, is supporting a reforestation project in Brazil. I love this project so much that I have donated way more then I have collected.

The SAUDADE featured show

The “Like A Girl” series and the “Like A Girl: Dare To Dream” project will be supporting an association that helps girls and women position themselves in their careers. My partners are still researching what is a good association for us to connect with. I will announce it soon.

The beginning of Like A Girl

On top of it all, when I decided to launch my product line I researched possible suppliers and I have chosen a few partners that I trust are doing good work with great awareness on their process.

The first wearable art series was developed through VIDA. They have some really good fair trade policies and zero waste commitment. I do love their fabrics, design and community programs, however, once I decided to focus on scarves, I found a new partner that follows similar principals and offers a few different options that I was looking for, so my new line of scarves are produced by Scafos.

Expanding my product line I have started an awesome partnership with Gooten. Through them, I have a huge array of products produced on demand and using suppliers that are also committed to environmental causes, supporting associations such as Trees for the Future.

Thank you SO MUCH for riding along in this journey. It is all possible because of you.

With Love,


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May The 20ies Begin!

Fer Caggiano Painting
Dear one,

Thank you so very much for being here during this year. So much has happened and there is a lot more coming for next year.

Highlights of 2019:

The Reforestation Project I am involved with has reached the main goal for the fundraiser. I have been told to be the top contributor to it and my logo has even been placed on the government website in Brazil for a supporter of reserves. Now, my dear friend and manager is looking into making their project larger.
I will continue to be involved and donate part of the funds on my Brazil series to this remarkable project.
Lowcountry Artists Gallery
This month I have completed a full year as a co-owner and Marketing Director at the Lowcountry Artists Gallery.
I am proud to say that I have accomplished a lot for all our artists. 
Mayor Haynie and Fer Caggiano
I was selected AGAIN for the art rotation project at the Mount Pleasant Town Hall. As an immigrant, this means a lot to me. I have also been selected for another project with the Mount Pleasant Culture, Arts & Pride Committee, but that project is not finished yet so I will share more on this later.
A few other accomplishments worthy to look back:
TEDx White Point Gardens Women
9 Muses Curated Exhibition
My Speech at the City Gallery
ABC Lowcountry Live Feature
Goals for 2020:
Portrait of Gabrielle Forgione
In 2020 my main goal will be to complete the Like a Girl Project.
I now have a writer to work on the bios and some absolutely amazing women already involved.
I am currently looking for sponsors. Shoot me an email if you would like more information on this.
I plan on writing more on my blog. If you never checked it out, please do. My latest article is “I am a Colorist Artist, but what does that mean?
I am loving designing my line of wearable art.
My current top sellers are the Rainbow Row scarves. I already have a few more ideas for a new line so make sure you stay tuned for that.
On one last insider note, I would like to inform that my prices will have to be raised next year so if you want to take advantage of the current prices, order now.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2020!
May it be blessed with love, prosperity, health and good fortune.

I love you.

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Why should we write notecards nowadays?

black rose art notecards

Handwritten notecards are old fashioned and a tradition that is slowly dying, as we embrace technology more each day. It is so easy and way cheaper to shoot a text or email, send an Evite or create a Facebook event. So why should we bother?

Last year I decided to ask for my friends’ addresses, and I sent a simple Christmas card with a personal note. I had friends that literally cried when they got them. They were so touched I took the time to do it. It was a simple gesture that shows someone you truly care about them.

In a world where our social life has become social media, that old fashion personal touch means a lot.

Here are a few other things I recommend doing to nourish your dear ones:

Invite them to meet for a cup of coffee.

Have a real “one-on-one” get together, put your electronics away and give them full attention.

LISTEN when they talk.

Give hugs. It can be so healing!

Be kind. You can always be kind.

Rejoice from other’s accomplishments.

Wish for happiness to all beings.

I love you all!


Christmas Notecards

Charleston Christmas Notecards based on my original watercolor. Prints are also available on my website.

pink rose notecard

This Pink Rose Notecard goes really well on Valentine’s or anytime you wish to share some love.

Pineapple Art Notecard

Pineapple, a simple of Hospitality. A Charleston Classic.

Saint Philips Notecard

Saint Philips Church in Charleston, SC.

Feminist Notecard

Girl Power! Feminist Notecard.

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TEDx White Point Gardens Women



I am so proud to have been select to be the artist in residence at this amazing TEDx event! My art will be the stage backdrop and I will have a table to share my work with you all. Tickets have just gone out for sale and it most likely will get sold out soon. Join me on December 7th! I am thrilled to be part of this.

TEDxWhitePointGardensWomen 2019 is the 1st TEDxWomen event in the Charleston, SC area. We are BOLD & BRILLIANT!

TEDx fans, are YOU ready for the 1st ever TEDxWomen event in Charleston, SC? Our speakers have been selected, are preparing and ready to go!

What does a cognitive neuroscientist, museum executive director, business leader and community activist, physician and NASA-funded neuroscientist, singer-songwriter, children’s anti-bully advocate and educator, high school senior, women’s advocate, a community planner, and a certified financial planner have in common?

They are the BOLD + BRILLIANT women of Charleston, SC. who will bring the thunder and make no excuses!

WE ARE LIMITED TO 100 tickets for this fabulous event! We will sell out.

Get your ticket to see these BOLD + BRILLIANT women give talks on Saturday, December 7, 2019, at The Pearl Theater in West Ashley.


Heather Collins
Heather Holmquest
Irene Rose Yereb
Patrice Witherspoon
Donna Roberts
Nichole Myles
Debra Nelson
Henrietta Woodward
Carson Kosar

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mewiththem.jpg

Videos are now available online!


  1. Heather Collins –
  2. Henrietta Woodward –
  3. Heather Holmquest –
  4. Nichole Myles –
  5. Patrice Witherspoon –
  6. Debra Nelson –
  7. Irene Rose Yereb –
  8. Donna Roberts –
  9. Carson Kosar –


  1. Heather C. –
  2. Henrietta –
  3. Heather H. –
  4. Nichole –
  5. Patrice –
  6. Debra –
  7. Irene Rose –
  8. Donna –
  9. Carson –
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Caipirinha Recipe

To celebrate my upcoming featured show SAUDADE at the Lowcountry Artists Gallery, I am sharing this classic Brazilian Drink recipe.

Saudade Show Poster

A classic caipirinha is made with “cachaça” and if you are to buy one, I recommend getting a good quality bottle. Otherwise, you may use vodka (I actually prefer this version).

The trick to make it a good caipirinha (or caipiroska) is to use a full lime for each glass and lots of ice!

Cut the lime in half, squeeze the juice of one half into the glass. Cut the other half into slices and toss them in. Add ice so you fill at least half of the glass. If you don’t add enough ice, you may want to add a touch of water instead. Add 1-2 tablespoons of sugar (I personally prefer less sugar, when you add too much, people end up drinking faster than recommended).

Fill the other half with vodka or cachaça.

Caipirinha Drink Art

Stir and Enjoy!

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Set the vibe to a space by adding Art

Have you ever walked into a room and thought it needed a revamp? Some extra life?

Most likely it crossed your mind that the walls could do with a new color, or perhaps change the furniture? So much work there, isn’t it?

Did it occur to you that adding a piece of Art can change completely how one perceives a space? Let’s play a little with that idea.

We can start with an empty space.

no art on wall

How about we make it more inviting?

Rainbow Row Art on Wall

Or maybe you want it to be relaxing…

Ravenel Bridge Art on Wall

Or even, a bit dramatic?

Storm at Morris Island Art on Wall

How about we make it spicy?

nude couple art on wall

Once you consider a piece of art, the possibilities are endless!

Does this give you some ideas? Reach out if you’d like some suggestions.



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Plein Air x Studio

Painting outdoors has always been fascinating to me. I love capturing the vibe from a place I visit and nothing better than sketching from life to truly get the energy of a subject.

After I became a mom my time has just not worked out the same as before. I don’t seem to be able to make it out there like I used to and working from the Studio has become my reality.

Some would wonder what difference does that make?

Having a direct connection with the location makes it possible for the artist to paint more than just the looks, we get to interpret based on how one feels about that spot. All your senses are involved, the aroma, the temperature, the sounds. Maybe you hear a bird and you feel like adding it to the art. Maybe some flowers smell stronger than others and you emphasize it by putting more focus when transcribing it to the canvas.

I often show some of my harbor paintings to make a point on this. There are many locations I like to paint around Charleston and a lot of them have the iconic Ravenel bridge in the background. However, when you take a picture, the bridge seems so far and faded that you may not even notice it. So, when I paint it, I make the bridge larger and brighter because that is my focal point on such paintings.

Now, how have I managed to maintain this when painting indoors?

I make sure I visit the locations and I take several pictures. Pictures showing the whole scenery, pictures zooming into details I find relevant, and whenever possible I do a quick sketch, so I can have a nice composition based on what I see in person before I put my colors in.

Thank you for reading.

Remember that I am very happy to share so, if you have questions, just ask me!