Designer Scarves and Shawls

Be Unique. Be Bold.

“You deserve more color in your life.” – Fer Caggiano

Every scarf is based on original artwork by Fer Caggiano.

When you use this designer scarves and shawls, it is like you are wearing real art!

American Eagle Wings Painting

The American Bald Eagle Wings original painting is a large 60×36″ oil titled: Freedom Rising

American Eagle Wings Scarves and Shawls:

From this painting I created one scarf and one shawl. Both on Modal fabric. They are soft, vibrant and are a certain upgrade to any outfit.

I just love the idea of wearing wings, how about you?

Rainbow Row Charleston SC

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Rainbow Row Art Scarves:

I have designed two large Rainbow Row paintings. A night scene and a sunset scene. People love them so much that I have created a large collection of products based on my Charleston paintings. You can see them here.

The Majestic Peacock

and it’s amazing colors

The Peacock Scarves and Shawls:

I am so amazed by the colors of the peacock that I painted this large oil specially designed for the scarves. I envisioned this line on both Modal and Silk.

The Modal is soft and goes well on top of casual clothes, as well as over a night fancy dress.

If you are looking for premium style, you want the silk option. The vibrancy of the fabric is simply amazing.

The Angel Oak Tree

Charleston SC Heritage

The Angel Oak Tree Scarves and Shawls:

The first time I went to visit the Angel Oak Tree I cried. It is such a powerful site! The original painting “The Majestic Angel Oak” is a large 60×36″ oil of the most classic angel of this live oak. I like to think that the way the branches flow makes them look like wings, and that could be why it is called the Angel Oak. What do you think?