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Free Downloadable Zoom Backgrounds

Yes, once again I am bringing you a new free treat. This time, now that Zoom meetings are the new norm, I am animating my paintings so you can use them as virtual background for your Zoom meetings.

Same as the coloring pages. You must add to cart and proceed to check-out. It is FREE but you must “buy” it at zero cost. This is how I can make it available for download.

Enjoy my friends! And whenever someone comments on your awesome virtual backgrounds, please mention my website.

If you would like to support me, feel free to Paypal

or you can Venmo @fercaggiano Any amount is truly welcome!

If you don’t know how to change your virtual background, here is a quick tutorial:

Go to the “Stop Video” button and click on the arrow. Select “Choose Virtual Background…”

Then you click on the + icon and select to “Add Video”. Select the file to upload and choose it to display as your new awesome background.

You are welcome! Enjoy.

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