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Like A Girl: Dare To Dream


Girls and women continue to struggle to be respected in our male-dominated world. To act “like a girl” typically has meant to be passive, weak, silly, dumb, and other negative connotations. But girls and women must dare to dream – to be leaders, to be strong in mind, body, and spirit – so that “like a girl” will instead mean powerful and highly effective. The exhibition’s primary objective is to bring awareness to this timely and critical issue, in order to stimulate discussion and ultimately drive change in attitudes and actions. Through portraits of diverse fascinating women, each with unique and inspiring stories, girls and other women will see on canvas their potential: they can be strong, smart, and beautiful, and ready to make their mark on the world.

Just as important, men and boys will be educated about girls’/women’s abilities, particularly in traditionally male-dominated fields such as technology, construction, business, and science. The exhibit will lead the audience to consider questions such as: Can females really be anything they want to be? Despite positive strides in the past few decades, what hindrances does society still impose on them? What obstacles do they encounter that men/boys do not? How can we ensure that future generations of women can become leaders in any industry or field?

In addition to bringing awareness and encouraging ongoing dialogue, “Like A Girl: Dare To Dream” will directly empower girls and women. A portion of the proceeds from this project will be donated to organizations that support women/girls in reaching their maximum potential, thus extending the project’s impact well beyond its exhibition.

This exhibition will honor the influential voice of art in shining a light on vitally important issues. The portraits certainly will have broad appeal as works of beauty, with original designs that highlight and bring to life the women’s extraordinary accomplishments. However, the large and striking portraits simultaneously will touch the minds and hearts of audiences of all ages, genders, races, socioeconomic status, and locales. Through this artwork bringing attention to women who have excelled, other women and especially young girls will have dynamic role models that they can aspire to follow. The paintings will enlighten all who view them.

The exhibit will consist of 30 to 50 portraits, each a 30″x 40” oil painting. It also will include copies of an art book comprised of all the paintings with individual biographical stories of the participating women. I also plan to produce a video of selected participants discussing their challenges and accomplishments. In addition, an evening reception will include presentations from some of these inspiring women, and will offer the public the opportunity to meet the portrait subjects in person.

A few of the many remarkable women in “Like A Girl: Dare To Dream” include: Allison Arriola; Barbara Ashe; Janet Bates, President, Charleston Chapter, National Association of Women in Construction; Karen Lucht, retired NASA manager; Gabrielle Forgione, Girls Who Code; Yeakia Johnson; Yvonne Gilbert; Arianne King; Beth Ann Crane; Vicky Johnson; Tia Clark; Paula Dezzutti (Pixie); Kelly Trager; Erin Mansour; Carol Wilhite; and Kenya Dunn.

These women prove that women can, and will, achieve greatness … “like a girl”. With this project we will be educating the public – men and women alike – and of empowering girls and women to “dare to dream”!

Interview with Tessa Spencer

Art and Event:

  • 20 to 50 portraits: 30″x40” oil paintings
  • Art Book with the paintings and stories of all women in this project.
  • Reception evening and speech from some of these inspiring women.
  • Venue yet to be decided.
  • Partners: The Power Filled Woman, Skirt Magazine, others to join.

Or donate a random amount to help me continue working. I am out of supplies so any donation is welcome right now

The biggest goal on this project is awareness, however, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that help girls and women to reach their highest potential.

I would like to share this commercial as it was a HUGE influence on the kick-off to this project:

Some of the finished portraits:

5 thoughts on “Like A Girl: Dare To Dream

  1. This is so awesome. I live in Redbank/ Lexington SC and wish I could attend but we are saving for our yearly road trip to Long Island to see our 3 year old grandson. I absolutely love your art and have been following for awhile. I NEED the Feminist Art T-Shirt Shhhhh (I Don’t Give a F*ck) tee in my life.. wish you offered it in long sleeve or baseball t but yes.. it kicks ass.I really want the painting but umm no ..I don’t currently work soo.. Please remember me in your contest. I was effin’ THRILLED to see this in my email and I also shared. Have a great Sunday and keep ebing the awesomeness that you are! 🙂

    1. your wish is my command ?
      Thank you so much for being such an enthusiastic fan! I have just put the baseball T available with several options of sleeve color.
      I hope you can make it here on another occasion. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. I am the cofounder of a local nonprofit Waves 4 Women which provides therapeutic surf programs to women who have experienced trauma and other life stressors. We promote psychological and physical wellness through outdoor adventure, mindfulness, and community. We would love to be involved and support your Like A Girl Project. Thank you

  3. Love this project. Young girls, boys, and adults can see the portraits and hear the amazing stories behind the women who “broke the mold” and made GREAT accomplishments, by following and achieving their dreams, though hard work and perseverance.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I am working hard to have the collection finished this year so we can have the show and fundraiser.

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