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Plein Air x Studio

Painting outdoors has always been fascinating to me. I love capturing the vibe from a place I visit and nothing better than sketching from life to truly get the energy of a subject.

After I became a mom my time has just not worked out the same as before. I don’t seem to be able to make it out there like I used to and working from the Studio has become my reality.

Some would wonder what difference does that make?

Having a direct connection with the location makes it possible for the artist to paint more than just the looks, we get to interpret based on how one feels about that spot. All your senses are involved, the aroma, the temperature, the sounds. Maybe you hear a bird and you feel like adding it to the art. Maybe some flowers smell stronger than others and you emphasize it by putting more focus when transcribing it to the canvas.

I often show some of my harbor paintings to make a point on this. There are many locations I like to paint around Charleston and a lot of them have the iconic Ravenel bridge in the background. However, when you take a picture, the bridge seems so far and faded that you may not even notice it. So, when I paint it, I make the bridge larger and brighter because that is my focal point on such paintings.

Now, how have I managed to maintain this when painting indoors?

I make sure I visit the locations and I take several pictures. Pictures showing the whole scenery, pictures zooming into details I find relevant, and whenever possible I do a quick sketch, so I can have a nice composition based on what I see in person before I put my colors in.

Thank you for reading.

Remember that I am very happy to share so, if you have questions, just ask me!



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