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“I see art as my voice,” she says. “Sometimes I look to share the beauty that
I perceive in the world and sometimes I want to make people think and question a topic. I see every painting as a portal, with the ability to transport people to a different mindset. Triggering a set of emotions, whether bringing the observer to a peaceful place or encouraging their minds to venture into new ideas.”

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It’s not often that a set of dental tools inspires a career other than dentistry, but for Fer Caggiano, it was one of the many catalysts that sparked her passion for art. As a child, she used her grandfather’s old dental tools to sculpt designs in pieces of chalk.

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L’effet désordre organisé que procure ces motifs muraux est assez tendance en ce moment, et en choisissant les bonnes couleurs, on peut le marier dans n’importe quelle pièce. Ici, l’artiste Fer Caggiano a utilisé du blanc, du gris, du vert pastel et du rose poudré pour un résultat harmonieux pour une chambre d’enfant. Les couleurs, les motifs variés, sont autant d’occasions de stimuler visuellement le bébé.

Post and Courier

Although the Lowcountry Artists Gallery hasn’t moved in decades, Fer Caggiano, the gallery’s featured artist for the month of July, moved from Sao Paulo to New Jersey then London before finally arriving in South Carolina.

Mayor’s Office Art Program Features Fer Caggiano

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (March 2, 2018) – Local artist Fer Caggiano’s Laurel Hill Ave of Oaks was recently installed in the Mount Pleasant Mayor’s office as part of the Culture, Arts & Pride Commission Mayor’s Office Art Program, which aims to promote awareness of local artists and cultivate community pride.

Pursuit of Happiness

New York, N.Y. Fer Caggiano was nominated as a Soho International Artist of the year in 2003. Although she was a student at the Art Students League at that time, she was invited to present her work at the prestigious Agora Gallery in New York City. Her artistic talent and creative paintings were already on the rise in this city of artists.

Abaixo os Cavaletes

Nas intervenções sobre os caveletes, os artistas buscam o contrário da mensagem política. Os retratos retocados de candidatos dão espaço para traços de influências variadas, do cubismo ao grafite, sem tom ideológico. “Recolhemos uma coisa desagradável e incômoda e a transformamos em um objeto inspirador”, diz a artista plástica Fer Caggiano. Ela montou, com amigos, um espaço dedicado aos cavaletes em seu estúdio em São Paulo.

Show at MakeyBlue, Hoboken

Fer’s notoriety grew dramatically in 2002 as a result of her being named a winner in the 2002 SOHO International Art Competition. In 2003 she was one of the featured artists in “The Latin American Fine Art Exhibition” at Agora Gallery located in New York City, 2003 A year later Fer was a featured artist in Brazil ARTSHOW, the 2004 art book celebrating Brazil’s newest generation of prominent artists.

Recomendação por Tati Bernardi

Deixo vocês com um fim de tarde na Rua Novo Horizonte, o lugar onde sempre sou feliz porque sempre dá pra ser feliz. Deixo vocês com os quadros da Fer Veriga, com a voz da Marisa Monte e da Nina Simone, com a frase maravilhosa de Vinícius, “a vida só se dá pra quem se deu”, e com a sopa de aspargos do Pasta e Vino nas madrugadas.


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